TESLA CYBERTRUCK: Unveiling and Grand launch was Success Or Failure?

TESLA CYBERTRUCK: Unveiling and Grand launching is Success Or Failure?

Tesla launches its futuristic vehicle “Tesla Cybertruck”. The company started pre-booking with just a $ 100 refundable amount. Cybertruck is still going to take a couple of years to drive on the road for its consumers. In the first look, it is very futuristic and way beyond the current time. Exterior and Interior design is futuristic and unconventional. What we are experiencing is rocket science technology feeling in a consumer vehicle.


I am a big admirer of Tesla and Mr. Elon Musk. With the launch of Tesla’s new product Cybertruck, the internet is flooded with articles and videos.

It sounds funny, but if you don’t know Tesla and Mr. Elon Musk. This article is a must-read article for you. In this article, I am going to introduce you to Mr. Elon Musk. Projects he worked in the past and working currently. I will have a few words of introduction about one of my favorite brands or company “Tesla”.

Next, we will move on to our core part of this article, information about “Tesla Cybertruck”. Idea and concept behind this futuristic truck. This grand launch was a success as per expectation or failure?

At last in the conclusion summary, I am going to give my opinion on “Tesla Cybertruck”. I am over-excited about this vehicle, but be sure my excitement is not going to lead me to biased opinion. To get all new and exciting information, read this article till the end to know about Mr. Elon Musk, Tesla and future machine “Tesla Cybertruck”.

Who is Mr. Elon Musk?

Mr. Elon Reeve Musk, Entrepreneur, investor, and engineer with a net worth $ 22.9 Billion and world 40th richest person in Forbes list. Served or serving as CEO, Chairmen, co-founder, etc For dozen of world renounced companies. The success list will go on and on.

Mr. Elon Musk is an Innovative Leader and invests in super-futuristic ideas make him true technology revolutionary. He is a person always ready to break conventional rules. His idea and work always challenges the set boundary and goes far beyond the boundary.

His success story also consists of tons of failure stories. He never scared of failure, always ready to accept failure and move forward. He is a person believe in solving problem, not avoiding problems.

He dedicated his three biggest companies SpaceX, Tesla, and SolarCity for the betterment of the world and humanity. The following are the few of Elon’s contributions to the world.

  • Paypal: Changes the world online payment industry.
  • Tesla: Leading the fully electric car revolution.
  • SpaceX: Implementing innovative ideas and going beyond the human imagination for space exploration.
  • SolarCity: Focused on Research, development, and production of electricity from solar plants. His goal is to reduce global warming through sustainable energy production and consumption.
  • Hyperloop: A futuristic technology for public transportation. It is going to change this world’s fast public transport system. It is in a very advanced stage of implementation. Very soon in a few cities, we are going to see a commercially operational Hyperloop.

The list is long, let us return to our topic.

What is TESLA?

Tesla, Inc. Tesla Motors, Inc.

Tesla is a California, US-based company. It is a manufacturer of super high tech electric battery cars. Produces premium electric cars and very successful in the consumer market. Tesla has earned an impeccable reputation in the car manufacturing industry.


On 22nd Nov 2019, in the grand launch ceremony, Mr. Elon Musk presented a super-futuristic Truck named “TESLA CYBERTRUCK”. Trucks are an integral part of the western country’s lifestyle. Tesla comes with three versions of the truck with some available optional attachment. Its design and specifications are as per the standard benchmark of brand Tesla.

Tesla Cybertruck

Specification of the Truck:

  • Fully Electric vehicle
  • Fully charged can drive 250-500 miles (400-800 km)
  • Speed acceleration 0-60 mph in 2.9-6.5 sec
  • Auto drive option
  • Armored body and Armoured glass
  • The metal used is the same metal used in rocket
  • Glass is transparent metal (I am not sure what is it?)
  • Pricing starts with $ 39900 in the USA
  • Wheelbase 149.9 in or 3,807 mm
  • Length 231.7 in or 5,885 mm
  • Width 79.8 in or2,027 mm
  • Height 75 in or 1,905 mm
  • 14000 lbs towed capacity


Tesla Cybertruck is a fully electric vehicle. It operates on a rechargeable battery. This makes Cybertruck an eco-friendly. This Truck is not 100% pollution-free but in comparison to the non-electric vehicles, it is very Eco-friendly.

Design of Cybertruck

Mr. Elon Mask claims that no change is observed in truck design for the last 100 years. Tesla Cybertruck is a truly a new era truck. Its unconventional design, Stainless steel body makes it alien vehicle. It gives a feeling of armor war machine design for survival in a super chaotic situation.

Launch of Cybertruch created a sensation all over the internet and social media. Truck created a craze in youth and youngsters. Social media is full of stories on this awesome machine. Almost all lifestyle Vlogger on YouTube created a story on Cybertruck.

I am not sure all these sensations were planted or organically created or maybe mixed of both. It is not clear that social influencer or YouTuber are doing sponsored promotion or doing it by self.

Fully Electric Truck Vs Petrol/Diesel/Gasoline truck

Technology point of view, the electric truck is less complicated than fuel trucks. Distance travel and recharging are a concern with the electric vehicles for long-distance traveling and also Energy to work efficiency is low. The best part is, it creates minimum pollution. In the long run, Electric truck is more cost-effective than conventional fuel truck.

The grand launch of Tesla Cybertruck is success or failure?

The outcome of the launched products and the event’s success or failure is still to come. Numbers of pre-production booking shows a big success. But on stage presentation was badly failed.


Few examples are:

1. Breaking of so-called transparent metal was a big embarrassment during the presentation. Its effect was also negatively reflected in Tesla’s shares price.

2. Armored body strength test was biased in favor of Cybertruck. That creates mistrust among viewers.

3. Cybertruck Vs Ford, strength comparison video was also biased and does not reflect neutrality of test.

But I believe that these are a minor glitch, Tesla is going to deliver the product as per committed specifications.

My view over this TESLA CYBERTRUCK

Tesla Cybertruck is a lifestyle vehicle. Owning this awesome machine is going to be status and style symbol. The craze among the millennium population for this vehicle and its super affordable price going to make it easily visible vehicles on road.

It’s sound crazy, Deciding on buying online, such an expensive machine without looking into a real Truck. It’s hard to believe, but people are ordering online pre-production bookings in huge numbers. I am not sure about is safety and off-road driving capability, but I am going to trust the credibility of Tesla. Auto Driving / Self Driving feature is awesome but still is in the evolving phase. Since end-user feedback is still to come, so let’s wait and watch.

Overall Tesla Cybertruck is an awesome machine, if I have an option and money to invest in it, I could have defiantly purchased it.

I have tried to cover almost all point that comes under the purview of the article topic. Post your comment about the things I missed in this article. If you find this article informative, please share this in your social network and community. Sharing will motivate us to give more effort and come up with more informative articles, tutorials, and content frequently.

Thanks and All the best for your healthy life and great future.


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