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Tips for School Website Design and Development

This article gives you a few tips about how to develop and design the website for Schools or Education organizations. Importance of sites in this information age, Structure of website, Selection of technology for website development, Hosting required, etc. are discussed in great detail. Read this article till the end if you want to know all about what care taken during website design and development.

Importance of Website in this Cyber Era

In the Information age of the twenty-first century, information becomes keys for organizational and personal growth. Information is saved and transfer over a worldwide network of computers or servers. The current generation cannot even imagine life without the internet and its associated devices. The Internet becomes blood and vein of today’s lifestyle.

The whole complex system and algorithm work in the background. An end user only interacts with an interface that, generic name as the website used by ordinary people. Usually, people use word websites even for 1 page static website to facebook with billions of active users.

As user increase, page view increases, access to website geographical area increases, risk of data security increase, error-free data needed, real-time response required, etc. Then the complexity of development and implementation also increases. Depending upon requirements and specifications, we also call websites as a Web portal, Web application, Web Software, etc.

Importance of a website for School and Educational institutions

Schools and Educational institutions are budding ground for the future brain for society. Apart from all curriculum and extra curriculum activity, if the school does not have proper IT infrastructure, that means school is still operating as in the era of the 1990s.

Introducing students with IT and ITeS in the earlier age of their life, helps them to get synchronized with the current competitive and rapidly changing society.

So I recommend the interactive website and mobile app for every school. The site connects the school with parents and the outer world. Schools can post information about their services and day to day activity over the website. The website can also help schools to achieve their commercial targets.

Tips of the Day: Simple mantras of today’s world is “If you are not on the Internet, You are not in business.”

Website Design: Thumb rule for website design

So you decided to know about website designing and development. I am going to discuss a few tips that help you in finalizing website design.

Informative and Useful website: The website contains information that should be categorized appropriately and in an understandable format. KISS (Keep it short and simple) is critical for a successful website. Don’t fill the site with garbage information that puzzles parents and visitor’s minds. Use an informative and relevant image where ever possible. I am sure you have heard, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Interlink website pages such that it improves the visitor navigation experience, to fetch required information.

Responsive Design: Responsive Designing of a website is popular these days. The design of a responsive website adjusts its layout according to the device (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, etc.) and web browser. Bootstrap is a web development technique used for responsive website design and development.

Analytically organized Menu and Navigation Links: Menu and Links are keys to user experience on the website. Menu names should be short and informative. Divide it in category and subcategory, taking consideration into the user’s navigational behavior.

Streamline Information appropriately: Information, image, and other features that organized in such a way that it should be like an engaging story. Don’t make it a jungle of information. Streamline every section with proper care. Based on analytic information from Google Analytics data, regularly make changes to improve performance and user experience.

Other Important feature you can incorporate on the website: Social media is the place where you can find active users and potential customers. Integrate Social Sharing options and maintain a few relevant social networking website that will drive traffic to your site. You can also use paid Champaign on social media to get immediate traffic and result.

Web pages required in School or Educational Website:

As per my research and analysis, I am going to discuss the pages as are necessary for the website. There is no fixed rule or convention for the page number and contents. Information provided in this article is just a recommendation; you can add or delete pages as per your requirement.

On this basis of the nature of information on the web page, we can categorize it into three categories. 1. Static Page, 2. Semi Dynamic page, 3. Fully Dynamic page.

1. Static Pages: A static page contains hardcoded information that rarely changes. It required a one-time effort to design and create these pages.

E.g., About Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer Page, Term and Condition, Privacy Policy, Infrastructure

2. Semi Dynamic Page: Semi Dynamic pages information required to be updated frequently. For updated information on the website, we need an admin panel to make the necessary changes. These pages are not interactive and not provide real-time data.

E.g., Fee Structure, School Campus, Classroom, School Life, Contact Us, Admission Process, Transport Facility.

3. Fully Dynamic Page: Fully Dynamic pages are interactive pages. Where Users or visitors directly interact with the website database. Users can be being provided with limited and controlled access right or permission to update, modify, add, delete, etc. These pages provide real-time information based on user activity or request.

E.g., Online Apply for Admission, School Management Member, School Faculty / Teaching Staff, Gallery, Blog, Home Page banner, Event and Activity, News and Update, Testimonial, Video Gallery, Admin / Administrator panel, Security, User Access / Rights management, etc.

Tips of the Day: Never copy-paste content / idea or part of content / idea from other website sites. Try to write a website contains I your own language and Idea should be your own imagination.

Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. are fantastic web application package for website development. Using these CMS, technically, every page will be a dynamic page. These CMS packages are PHP and MySql based open source technology. Thousands of free and paid templates and plug-in are available. With little or no modification, you can develop and deploy a professional website even in 1 day.

For the school or Educational institution website, I recommended WordPress CMS and themes.

Key features of these CMS are:

  • Easy to Change, Create, update information (Text, Image, Video, etc..) on any page
  • Creating a new page is a few click jobs
  • Easy to Update your page with the latest information on the page
  • Easy to create, edit, and modify the menu. Arranging and rearranging Menu is a few clicks and drags and drop job
  • Header Management / Footer Management
  • Create your section of the blog page on your website

All feature implementation and maintenance does not require any coding or programming knowledge.

How to select a Domain name for School or Educational Organisation

“What’s in a name?” famous Quotes from 16th–17th-century excellent writer and dramatist William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Is this still relevant in the 21st century? I don’t think so.

Your domain name is an identity for your website. Careful selection of the domain names is a must. The following are some key points taken into consideration before finalizing the website domain name.

  • Easy spelling to type
  • Select a short and simple name
  • If possible contains keywords
  • Target your user location
  • Avoid any numeric or special character
  • Easy to remember
  • Represent your Brand

Specific for School and Educational Institution: Most of the school website I found is with domain extension “.com.” Using these extensions is not appropriate for the educational organization.

Use “.edu” or “.au.” Every country has its own set of domain extensions for Education organization. In India, Government organization ERNET provides a domain name with extension, & To get these extensions domain names, you have to submit a proper organizational document. To know more, please visit

Tips of the Day: Always make purchase of domain name using your own name and email Id. This will insure domain name ownership with you only. It’s important.

How to select Hosting?

What is hosting? I simple term hosting is computer or server connected with the internet where we put all developed website, and its related file. The domain name is linked with your hosting address whenever a user visits your domain name, domain process your request with linking of the hosted application.

Is it complicated? For now, take Hosting as a place, and the domain name is its address. In the future, I sure come with a detailed article on this.

School’s website does not go to have heavy visitor traffic. Spending Rs.500 to Rs.750 per month for hosting is more than enough. Under this price, you will get a dissent server configuration for your website. Always trust a reputed hosting provider company, e.g., Godday, Hostgator, etc.

Do we need Cloud hosting for the school website? Now a day, Cloud Computing becomes a marketing gimmick. Usually, schools have localized user base, limited visitor, and website overall size are in MBs. So investing extra on Cloud hosting is a waste of money and not going to serve any additional purpose.

Maintains of website

The most expansive part of any website is its maintenance. To keep site search friendly and to improve its ranking, regular Update at list 2 to 3 articles of 700 to 1100 words every week. Material and information should be Keyword-rich.

Share all activity and updates on Social media platforms.

Also, do SEO, SMO, and Paid promotions. It will also defiantly help you in achieving financial targets.

Other features we can integrate within your school website.

School Management System: Click To Visit or email

Online payment collection: For a quotation contact us on

School internal Social website (Like Facebook): For development and implementation quote contact us on

Post your comment about the things I missed in this article. Post your question or doubt in the comment section. If the material is informative, please share this in your online and offline social network or community. Sharing will motivate us to give more effort and come up with more informative articles, tutorials, and content frequently.

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