Course Curriculum

Introduction Of Adobe LightRoom CC
Lr-01 LightRoom for beginners, Layout and Import Photos FREE 00:18:00
Lr-02 Synchronize and Organizing Photographs in Adobe Lightroom FREE 00:20:00
Lr-03 Viewing, Work-flow, Working and Shortcuts in Adobe LightRoom FREE 00:28:00
Lr-04 Compare, Survey, Flag, Rating, Filter, Select and color label In Lightroom CC FREE 00:33:00
Lr-05 Face Recognition/Detection/Tag In Adobe Light-Room FREE 00:19:00
LR-06 Keywords and Meta-data for Filter and Find Photos in Adobe Lightroom FREE 00:50:00
LR-07 Create Collection of Image In adobe Lightroom FREE 00:20:00
LR-08 Group with Stack, Quick Develop and Video in adobe Lightroom FREE 00:21:00
LR-09 Develop Module Intro and Crop Tool in Lightroom FREE 00:16:00
LR-10 Photo Basic Tonal Adjustments in adobe Lightroom FREE 00:13:00
Lr-11 Black and White Dramatic Potrait In Lightroom FREE 00:10:00
Lr-12 Add Split Toning Color Effect Lightroom FREE 00:06:00
Lr-13 Advance Black and White Photo in adobe Lightroom FREE 00:09:00
Lr-14 HSL Adjustments In Adobe Lightroom FREE 00:06:00
Lr-15 Spot remove in Adobe lightroom FREE 00:11:00
Lr-16 Face Retouching/Smooth skin In adobe lightroom FREE 00:10:00
Lr-17 Graduated and Redial Filter in Lightroom FREE 00:11:00
Lr-18 Lightroom Creative Color Presets Effects FREE 00:13:00
Lr-19 Merge HDR and Panorama in Lightroom for beginners FREE 00:12:00
Lr-20 Working WIth Lightroom↔Photoshop and Other application exchange FREE 00:12:00
Lr-21 Photo Export/Save in adobe Lightroom FREE 00:19:00
Lr-22 Use Watermark Logo on Photo In Adobe Lightroom FREE 00:09:00
Lr-23 Photo Slide Show with Music In lightroom FREE 00:18:00
Lr-24 Website Photo Gallery Design in Lightroom FREE 00:14:00
Lr-25 Create PhotoBook Album in Lightroom FREE 00:20:00
Diploma In Adobe LightRoom CC (Free Video Course) 02:00:00