Course Curriculum

Introduction to Computer
Computer and Latest IT gadgets 00:00:00
Evolution of Computers & its applications 00:00:00
Evolution of Computers & its applications123
IT gadgets and their applications 00:00:00
Basics of Hardware and Software 00:00:00
Central Processing Unit 00:00:00
Input devices, Output devices 00:00:00
Computer Memory & storage 00:00:00
Utility Software, Open source and Proprietary Software, Mobile Apps 00:00:00
Introduction to Operating System
Operating System, Basics of Operating System 00:00:00
Operating Systems for Desktop and Laptop, Operating Systems for Mobile Phone and Tablets 00:00:00
User Interface for Desktop and Laptop 00:00:00
Task Bar, Icons & shortcuts, running an application 00:00:00
Operating System simple setting, using mouse and changing its properties, changing system date and time, changing display properties 00:00:00
To add or remove Program and its features, adding, removing & sharing Printers 00:00:00
File and Folder management 00:00:00
Types of file extensions 00:00:00
Word Processing
Word Processing Basics, Opening Word Processing Package, Title Bar, Menu Bar, Toolbars & Sidebar 00:00:00
Creating a New Document, Opening and Closing Documents, Opening Documents, Save and Save As, Closing Document 00:00:00
Using The Help 00:00:00